Apple Festival

5 Ways to Entertain Yourself and the Kids at the Jackson Apple Festival

Taking kids to the Jackson Apple Festival may seem daunting.


Attending a festival with the kids can be interesting and fun-filled for memorable experiences.

You may wonder if there’ll be enough kid-friendly activities to keep them engaged and entertained. Will they get tired easily? Does the camping area at the festival grounds have a quieter section for good sleep at night? You’re likely to ask yourself these questions and much more.

With proper planning, the Jackson Apple Festival offers amazing experience for kids and adults alike. They won’t just spend lots of time with the family, but also get a chance to dress up, play, and even make friends.

The excitement at the festival is only as good as the entertainment it offers. There’s need to have fun and make great memories with your kids. It’s important to find out in advance what’s on offer at the festival for your little ones.

Are there comedy shows for adults and kids’ shows? Is there a place you can escape to if the crowds become overwhelming? Does the festival offer family-friendly activities? You need the answers to these questions when planning to attend the event.

The Jackson Apple Festival hosts all kinds of activities and performances to entertain adults and kids of all ages, ranging from toddlers to teens. Anything from circus shows to hands-on activities and theater to special museum exhibits are bound to please the entire family.

Let your kids choose the different activities they’ll want to indulge in at the festival.  You can bring crayons, coloring books and word searches to keep the kids busy if the line-ups get busy due to high festival attendance.

As you plan to arrive early at the festival with the kids, consider the following activities to include in your plan or schedule of things to do:

5 Fun Activities to Engage Your Kids at the Jackson Festival

  • Watch the bubble man play his tricks

Look out for Louis Pearl, the bubbleologist that thrill kids at festivals worldwide. He’s been entertaining kids with his amazing bubble tricks for over a decade.

Pearl integrates magic, art and science in his show that lasts an hour to impress kids of all ages. When he gets on-stage, Pearl puts up spellbinding tricks with artistry and elements of comedy to engage kids from the beginning of the show to the end.

Your kids will love the surprises and wonder of the bubble man show.

Here’s a video of the bubble man in action

  • Kids’ dance shows or discos

The festival also hosts dance discos for kids. The environment is safe for all little munchkins. Parents can sit back and relax to a drink and music playing in the background. The kids can take on the dance floor with balloons and bubbles to add onto the fun.

You’ll keep an eye on your kids as they indulge in selfies, painting and interesting art and craft as they eat healthy snacks already included in the price of the festival ticket. If you’re bored of sitting in the chill-out zone, you can join in the fun, especially if your kids feel shy around other kids.

  • Book reading

Although the Jackson Apple isn’t a book festival, it offers book reading for book nerds in your family. The inspiring event motivates kids to love reading if they’re already struggling with the activity.

Whether your kids are teens or preschoolers, there’s something for kids of all ages, ranging from toddlers to teens. This activity includes storytelling, drawing and gives kids a chance to meet their favorite illustrators, authors or even literary stage heroes.

Your kids can also enjoy great food from the stalls at the festival or simply relax on the grass if they get tired of reading. The summer sunshine is always lively, atop nourishing your kids with vitamin D for bone strength.

  • Fun indoor or outdoor games

Your kids can also learn to play their favorite games at the festival. They won’t just learn new skills and socialize, but also exercise their young bodies for enhanced health.

For example, the festival sets aside a specific area for kids’ games. You may find ping pong tables setup to ensure that kids enjoy tons of fun at the festival.

If you’re lucky, you may even have different gaming table brands to choose. Stiga vs. joola ping pong tables allows your kids to choose between the two brands for unlimited play. Various tables are setup to enable many kids to play simultaneously.

  • Enjoy live music shows

Get your kids to enjoy some live music performances once they’ve had enough of exhibitions, hands-on play and other fun activities. With different music cultures and genres being showcased, your kids won’t have a reason to get bored.

The kids can sing along to their favorite artists when they perform for added fun. This is a great way to inspire their karaoke sessions back home. They’ll also get to relax from the hectic nature of other events at the festival.


The Jackson Apple Festival entertains both adults and kids with a range of fun activities and shows. With fun-filled activities ranging from music shows and circus performances to storytelling and theatrical performances, there’s so much to engage your kids at the event.

Other fun activities for kids include puppet shows, circus workshops, science shows, and music lessons, among other interactive kid-friendly activities.

Apple Festivals in 2020: Where, When and More

The apple is a popular fruit that’s cherished in every country for its great cooking qualities and delicious flavor. An Apple Festival brings exciting apple-themed events every year with multiple stores selling crafts, art, and food. Apple festivals capture the spirit of a hometown celebration and have something for the whole family.

The hot summer days are now behind us and winter is beckoning. Are you looking for an Apple festival in 2020 or 2021? There is no other listing as complete and current as this list is.

Arkansas Apple Festival

The Arkansas Festival combines good music and apple treats. The Arkansas Apple Festival was to be held on October 2-4, 2020. There is a massive parade on Saturday at 10 pm with horses, floats, and classic tractors.

It’s held every year on the first weekend of October, which means food and fun. The Festival pays tribute to the apple industry that once dominated western Washington County. Trendy is the free samples of apple cider and apple slices given away.

Apple Scrapple Festival

The annual Apple-Scrapple Festival is held in Bridgeville every October.

Organizers estimate the Festival to attract tens of thousands of people to western Sussex County each fall.

This is an annual event where families can enjoy food, good music, and games. You’ll need to register ahead of time and show up at RAPA with a written recipe. The event is scheduled to return on October 8th and 9th.

Georgia Apple Festival

The most prominent annual event in Ellijay is the Georgia Apple Festival. Organizers claim that over 300 vendors with many on-site demonstrations, hand-curated items, and hand-curated items will attend the festival. The Festival also includes a fun area for the kids with those airbags that the young ones love.

However, on-site parking is very limited and will fill quickly; please take a shuttle. Sadly, the Georgia Apple Festival has been cancelled, but we are looking forward to October 2021.

Cornish Apple Festival

This free festival is held in the historic Cornish Village on the last Saturday in September. Part of the town’s attraction is that it has maintained its 19th-century prosperity. Apple Festival visitors can also enjoy shopping in the many antique and crafts stores. For instance, you can buy the best filter pitcher from one of the shops.

There is a lot to celebrate and see at the Apple Festival. For instance, your children can take part in a myriad of ball games. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 2020 festival has been canceled. It will, however, return in 2021.

Apple Squeeze Festival

The Apple Squeeze officially welcomes the season of apple cider and apple crisps. The feast celebrates the apple harvest with a lot of food and artisan vendors in addition to great live music.

Country, Bluegrass, Rock N Roll, and Jazz bands will entertain the guests with music on both days. 

Held in Lenox, New England, the feast is also a Mecca for great food and idyllic evenings. That is why so many people flock to New England as soon as they see the first signs of Autumn. Don’t be left behind. Join the fun this year in Lenox.

Kimmswick Apple Butter Festival

The town of Kimmswick in Jefferson County hosts the annual Kimmswick Apple Butter Festival. This festival attracts thousands of people. The thousands of visitors stroll the streets of Kimmswick, browsing the locally owned shops. Therefore, be sure to come early and wear comfortable walking shoes.

The organizers have cancelled the 2020 Kimmswick Annual Apple Festival due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, the Festival will continue in 2021.

Lincoln County Apple Festival

The Lincoln County Apple Festival is the largest in town and features all things Lincoln County. The Festival draws thousands of guests to downtown Lincolnton each fall.

Lincoln County Apple Festival event showcases apple variety for every taste and use. Please leave your pets at home, or you may be asked by the police to leave the Festival.

North Carolina Apple Festival

Keep the tradition of the Apple Festival going with the North Carolina Apple Festival. It is one of the most anticipated events of the fall season in Western North Carolina. They offer various varieties of apples, such as Honey Crisp, Jonathon, Galas, and Red and Golden Delicious. The Festival is a celebration to recognize the importance of the apple industry to Henderson County.

Final Take

An apple festival is an ideal time to appreciate the flavor and benefits of the apple fruit. But remember, you can still purchase apples and many apple goodies from a local grower.

Ensuring Your Safety When You Attend the Jackson Apple Festival

There is a lot of fun at the Jackson Apple Festival. There will be all kinds of people from those who genuinely came to have fun, those who came to find partners, to the pickpockets.

If you plan to attend the festival this year and years to come, you need to ensure you are safe at all times. For starters, you need to ensure your valuables are safe, your personal identification documents are safe, your money is safe, and you are safe. Observe the following steps to ensure your safety:

Bring Your Buddies

Festivals are more fun when you are with people you know around. The buddy system works when you are in large numbers. When partying in large numbers, you always have emergency contacts with you and you will never be stranded at the festival.

By having your buddies with you, they will keep eyes on you and you will keep your eyes on them. This way, no one loses your belongings, their identity, or even their organs.

If you do not get someone to accompany you to the Jackson Apple Festival this year, make friends immediately you get to the fest. The buddy system works even if you just met people – your new friends will still protect you.

When you get yourself a few friends, you protect your belongings and prevent identity theft and such other cases. Identity thieves rely on getting your personal identification documents and your bank account details to start using your identity. By having people keep an eye on you, pickpockets will never access your PI documents or your phone.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs if you Haven’t Done Them Before

Alcohol, drugs, and music are common in festivals – almost like you can’t have one without the other. If you haven’t done alcohol and drugs before, the Jackson Apple Festival is not the place to start. If you really have to take alcohol, test your limits a few days before the festival. This way, you will know how much is enough so you never blackout in the streets.

When you are intoxicated, you are more vulnerable to pickpockets who might want to steal your identity or your valuables. Here, even the buddy system might fail when the whole clique is under the influence. 

Again, there might be undercover cops who are not there to have fun but to find people to arrest. You might end up in jail after having so much fun at the Jackson Apple Festival. Instead of being on the lookout for cops, it is better to avoid drugs altogether. However, if you happen to feel the weight of the pills, do not hesitate to visit the medical camp for help.

Stay Hydrated and Bring Meds

You need to recognize your body’s needs during the festival. Whether you are taking alcohol or just dancing to the music and munching on apples, you need to stay hydrated. There will be a lot of sweating at the fest, as is the case when people are crowded in one area. Always carry your water bottle to avoid heat-related health issues. If you take energy drinks, carry a few cans too.

Because you might be gone for a few days, ensure you carry any prescription pills you might have. Do not forget to carry the prescription or a doctor’s note lest the bouncers think you are dealing your pills for money.

Leave Your Valuables at Home

The Jackson Apple Festival is full of people who want to have fun but there are a few with ulterior motives. It is therefore safe for you to leave your valuables at home to avoid loss or theft. If you happen to bring your valuables, carry them in a fanny pack or ties the items to your body.

Because you are out there to have fun, the easiest way to do that is to ensure nothing limits that.  

Bring Cash and Avoid Identity Theft

You can avoid identity theft on nights you might be intoxicated by booking your hotel room early and paying before traveling. After that, you enjoy the benefits of not swiping your credit card everywhere you go. You never know when cybercriminals might be watching and you do not want to give them your credit card details on a platter.

When you feel intoxicated or you are in a crowded area, avoid swiping the credit card and instead pay cash – you never know who is watching.

Know Your Surroundings and Watch What Your Drink

Most times, staying safe at the music festival involves using common sense. Taking care of yourself and your belongings can be as simple as not giving out too much personal detail to strangers, not leaving your bags unattended, not leaving the fest with a stranger, and staying away from people who look suspicious.

The Jackson Apple Festival will be fun and chaos, and you can avoid being in trouble by keeping your eyes open for people and situations that might turn chaotic. Again, watch what you drink. Some people might slip drugs into your drink to take advantage of you. You can bring your drinks, drink straight from the bottle, cover your drink with your hands, and avoid buying drinks anywhere else but established booths.

In conclusion, you need to be vigilant.

The Jackson Apple Festival- A Must-Attend Event While in the US

The Jackson Apple Festival is one event that people in either the United States or the United Kingdom look forward to. It is such an exciting experience when you want to sharpen your culinary skills.

  • Don’t you want to have a difference in how you handle your food in the kitchen?
  • Are you looking for a place for a family outing?
  • Are you bored by your culinary skills and looking for a change?

If yes then look for the next schedules Apple Festival and mark it in your diary. Its social media platform is a clear proof of the love and popularity the event holds.

The registration process…

Just like the name, this is one event that you only need your smartphone and you are registered. You only need to email them to book a slot. It is that simple. Some of the activities while attending this event include

  • Pie contest with a prize
  • Entertainment
  • Cooking competitions
  • Judgment on your culinary skills

Since this is an activity that is renowned globally, there are some activities tailored to a specific location based on demand. Do you have some activities that you wish to participate in during the event?

The founders are open to opinion as long as your proposal has relevance in it, trust me it will be incorporated in their busy schedules.

Even the companies that you think have no importance in the event, to your surprise, they are part of it. That is how serious this event is.

Who should attend?

This is one event that is free to attend. Wait a minute; as much as it is free you need some “loose” money to purchase some of the unique stuff in the corporate tables. In case you are looking for a place where you want kitchen utensils you never see in the stores then this is the place to visit.

One of the long-term participants had this to say “The Apple Festival is the only place that you get to have a first-hand experience of some of the things that are yet to be launched. It’s like the first place where they get to test the market, and truly it has proven as the best marketing strategy”.

Anyone is eligible to attend. It’s not like the parental guidance TV shows where there is a restriction on the age that allows you to watch. Whether the young, the old, the invalids, the professionals, and the middle-income earners.

For active users, they do refer to it as an “equalizer event”. It brings both the rich and the poor on one platform.

The reasons why you should attend this event

You may wonder why all the fury about this event; it worth your time and money. Apart from just the entertainment part here are some of the reasons that it is branded a must-attend function.

  • Allows you to see the renowned celebrities free of charge
  • Gives you a break away from your normal schedule
  • Gives you the chance to showcase your culinary talent and even win the ultimate price $100
  • Provides the opportunity for socialization
  • Allows you to balance your lifestyle

When is the next event?

There is no definite date scheduled for the event due to logistical issues. You only need to visit their website from time to time to get the upcoming event within your location.

Surprisingly, you may be on vacation and coincidentally the event is scheduled at that time. What a good way to have an unplanned holiday plot.

Be a vivid follower of their social media platforms for updates and any other relevant information that you may need to be updated on what’s happening as far as the festival is concerned.

How should you attend?

Marketers admit that when you organize an event without any cost- not only cost but also with minimal restrictions- then it attracts a varied audience. What else do you need? Imagine organizing an event that no one attends. This is the market gap that the event enjoys. There is no dress code; as long as you have dressed modestly then you are free to walk in and out. Moreover, you can dress based on the climate.

Is It Safe To Wash Fruits Using A Water Heater?

Washing fruits before consuming them is not an option but necessary activity. There is a lot that goes on the farm and even when packaging before you have the fruits on your grocery stores. First, these are crops that are grown using many chemicals which some of them are harmful to human health. They are poisonous for humans and these are some of the warning signs while using pesticides. A water heater provides warm if not hot water not only for bathing but also for fruits. The warm water is ideal to instantly kill germs in cases where you may have not washed the fruits properly.

IF you are to wash fruits and vegetables using warm water then this is the point you need a water-saving Takagi tankless water heater to save in cost on utility bills. This is a type of heater that uses less energy to make sure that the water is heated faster than other tanks. The fact that it is tankless means that there is no wasted hot water. The appliance only heats what they need at that time and the system stops heating.

How then should we wash the fruits in a way that it is clear from the germs? You need to thoroughly clean the fruits in a way that you look like you are rubbing but maintain the texture. As long as the water that comes from the fruits has some discoloration then you are sure that it still has some chemicals. Remember some chemicals are still used as a way of preserving fruits like tomatoes to maintain their liquidity.

There some cases that health experts prefer that you remove the outer layer. On the contrary, nutritionists say that this is the place that there is a high concentration of nutrients. With this in mind then you have no option but to learn the best way to clean fruits. Here are a few tips

Invest in a vegetable cleaner

This is a specific appliance that was designed to give people in modern homes peace when it comes to cleaning fruits. This is a machine with the right mechanism to make sure that it gets rid of all germs and microorganisms that might be harmful to your health.

Wash in warm running water

 Never wash fruits in stagnant water. If you do not have the privilege of having tap water then it is important to keep on changing the water to a point that it is spotlessly clean from the naked eyes.

Use the thumb rule

The thumb is known for strength and proper massage. Just like it is used in the massage parlor, you need to do it with the fruits to make sure that they are free from germs.

Rinse with saltwater

Salt and pesticides are inseparable. After you have done the thorough washing the last step just to be sure that you have gotten rid of the pesticides just dip then in salty water.

Fruits and vegetables should be part of your diet but let it not cause harm than good just because of ignorance when it comes to cleaning them. Use the right cleaning method and enjoy all the benefits including the nutrients.

Can We Eat Apple After Drinking Coffee?

Coffee is the best partner of everyone, especially for the all-nighter. There are very few people who don’t like coffee. And there is no need to define here about the apple cause every just loves it. But people are confused that we should not eat after drinking coffee and wonder is it good or bad to eat an apple after drinking coffee. And I guess that is why you are here. There may be many rumors out there but in fact, there is no any proven fact that eating an apple after drinking coffee will produce any negative impact on your body.

Coffee contains caffeine which releases a molecule known as adenosine receptor which stimulates our cells and makes us feel more active and
awake. In other hand apples are a good source of many nutrients. They contain fiber, vitamin c, calcium, potassium, and manganese. According to research caffeine doesn’t react with any of these elements to produce an ill effect in our body. There are several questions on the internet today about apple and coffee and some people wonder apples contain more caffeine than apple but it also makes no sense. However, it is said that
caffeine will not let your body absorb some minerals of the body. But there is no adequate proof that this is true. In the context of eating coffee with apple, there is no any reason of not doing that. Our body uses different enzymes to digest coffee and apple. So though we mix it up, they are only affected by enzymes that react with them so combination doesn’t produce any ill result.

In fact,t if you really want a boost in the morning they will create a perfect combo. The caffeine in the coffee will ignite you. The caffeine will make you feel hungry. If you eat an apple after drinking coffee it will increase your blood sugar level. In addition, the carbohydrate and calories from apple will provide you energy and remove your hunger. The increase in blood sugar level in the body really helps in stable thinking and keeps you
energetic. Apple contains dietary fiber which is a great way to start the morning. Drinking coffee and eating apples afterward will produce antioxidants. If you eat coffee and apple on regular basis then your chances of getting cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes falls by half. They also decrease the risk of asthma and also reduce the chances of lung cancer. As there is also a saying “an apple a day keeps a doctor away” will become lively if you used them daily in the right amount. There is no such thing as reducing a sleep by drinking a coffee and eating an apple, this is a totally personal preference and depends upon the habit of a person consuming it. So, in fact, coffee and apple area great combination in the morning which will produce positive results. So they are in fact a good diet combination. There is nothing to worry about eating a juicy fruit after a sip of coffee.

Fruits to Eat to Lose Weight

Looking for a losing weight diet? That’s why including fruits in your diet is an excellent way to accelerate your weight loss journey. Plus, they come loaded with plenty of nutritious elements, thus enhancing your overall health and well-being.
For this reason, I’ve put together a list of five fruits you should eat to help you get rid of that excess weight and ensure you stay healthy.

Remember that saying you kept hearing as a child: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, they were not lying! Apple is rich in fiber, low in calories, and high in water content, making it the perfect go-to-snack for a healthy snacking option in between your meals. Because Apple is so filling as a snack, it can also help reduce your calorie intake during meal-times. It’s also easy to carry around in your bag; this means you cannot blame the lack of a healthy alternative the next time you’re caught gorging on an unhealthy snack.

This is a no-brainer, right? I mean, have you ever come across any weight loss diet that does not include lemon or highlight its many benefits? No, right? For a long time, fitness experts and nutritionists have extolled the virtues of lemon as a fruit to help you lose weight. And rightly so.
Lemon helps remove toxic elements in your body, which is why you’ll find it’s part of many a detox plan. It is also a good source of Vitamins B and C, as well as minerals. Dietitians recommend drinking a glass of lemon water every morning or mixing it with honey to aid you on your weight loss journey.

This is another fruit to add to your weight loss diet plan. Watermelons are high in water content, helping you stay hydrated through the day. It’s particularly apt for the hot summer days when you tend to binge more on unhealthy snacks after mistaking excessive thirst for hunger.
You can easily have this fruit as a healthy daily snack by whipping up a fruit salad or a watermelon juice.

Just like apples, a banana is also a healthy snack that you can easily carry with you anywhere. It is also rich in fiber and very filling, which means you’ll be sure to skip out on consuming those unnecessary calories during your meals. Bananas are also low in calorie content and, that, combined with the high fiber content, ensures a guaranteed way to losing weight and staying healthy. The fruit also comes loaded with several vitamins and minerals, apart from being starch’ resistant and nutritious.

Contrary to what many believe, Avocados is one of the best fruits to eat to lose weight. Referred to as the “olive oil of the Americas” for its many health benefits, Avocados help reduce blood pressure levels, protect the heart, and is one of the most common ingredients of any healthy weight loss plan.
The fruit comes armed with rich omega 9 fatty acids that help to boost energy levels and metabolism rate. It, therefore, helps speed up your body’s ability to burn fat. Avocado is also rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates, thus helping you keep a check on your blood sugar levels.

In conclusion

If you’ve been hoping to get into shape but have been struggling to meet for medical reason for not losing weight, its time to take a closer look at your diet and add some good old fruits to it While there are plenty of other fruits you can add to your weight loss diet, starting with these five recommendations is sure to help you finally get rid of that annoying muffin top after all

Apple vs Coffee: What’s The Better Energizer

Did you know there are approximately 1.5 billion cups of coffee poured every day?
This interesting worldwide fact comes from recent data according to the International Coffee Organization. They also mention that the US is the largest consumer of coffee and they drink up about 45% of the world’s coffee. Though it does not mean that people in other countries somehow drink less coffee than the Americans do.

Can you imagine then, what would happen if all the devoted coffee lovers and drinkers in the world were to switch to apples for their early morning booster? And what if apples actually turned out to be the better option for giving you loads of energy when you need it most?

So let us compare our apples to coffee, as it were, and find out the truth. Another cup of caffeine please You know how coffee works. It is the caffeine that is a proven stimulant to the body. The reason you feel like it wakes you up is, caffeine brings about a rapid balance of key systems in your body.

For instance, when you sleep your blood pressure is significantly reduced. And then when you have your morning coffee it rises to normal levels. In the same way, your body temperature increases and your breathing expands allowing you to absorb more oxygen. Its no wonder then why you feel energized. When your cardiovascular system speeds up this also boosts your nervous system and you feel more mentally alert.

However, it is known that the stimulative effects of coffee are short lived. You soon run out of energy and that’s why you feel for another cup within a short time So as an energy source, coffee is actually not particularly efficient. And if you take your coffee with sugar, the calories do start to pile on if left unchecked.

An apple a day.
Provided by mother nature herself, apples are rich in a variety of vitamins and phytonutrients. They also contain antioxidants which are excellent for preventing many cancers. And few can argue about the natural fiber benefits of apples.

But how do apples stack up as an energy source?
The answer is simply answered when we understand that apples contain some of the best naturally occurring sugar complexes known to man. These are very powerful sources of energy and are nothing like the refined sugars we add to our food and beverages. They actually produce the exact same positive effects on the body as caffeine does. But they are released into your body at a slower more natural rate.

At the same time, they provide sustained energy during the course of the day.
So you won’t find yourself hitting that familiar energy slump like when you run out of caffeine and start craving another coffee.

And the freshest taste always wins
We’re not saying stop drinking coffee right now Coffee still offers tremendous benefits to your body and we all enjoy the boost it gives us when we are feeling lazy.

But apples are definitely the healthier option and very useful if you would like to try it as an alternative to processed sugars. Crunching down on an apple not only provides ample enjoyment, it stimulates your digestive system bringing additional benefits. They are also excellent for constipation and soothing stomach cramps.

You can still fire up your day with a cup of coffee, but you should seriously consider bringing apples into the game and reduce your daily consumption of coffee. It is the best natural alternative and it does keep the doctor away.