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Apple vs Coffee: What’s The Better Energizer

Did you know there are approximately 1.5 billion cups of coffee poured every day?
This interesting worldwide fact comes from recent data according to the International Coffee Organization. They also mention that the US is the largest consumer of coffee and they drink up about 45% of the world’s coffee. Though it does not mean that people in other countries somehow drink less coffee than the Americans do.

Can you imagine then, what would happen if all the devoted coffee lovers and drinkers in the world were to switch to apples for their early morning booster? And what if apples actually turned out to be the better option for giving you loads of energy when you need it most?

So let us compare our apples to coffee, as it were, and find out the truth. Another cup of caffeine please You know how coffee works. It is the caffeine that is a proven stimulant to the body. The reason you feel like it wakes you up is, caffeine brings about a rapid balance of key systems in your body.

For instance, when you sleep your blood pressure is significantly reduced. And then when you have your morning coffee it rises to normal levels. In the same way, your body temperature increases and your breathing expands allowing you to absorb more oxygen. Its no wonder then why you feel energized. When your cardiovascular system speeds up this also boosts your nervous system and you feel more mentally alert.

However, it is known that the stimulative effects of coffee are short lived. You soon run out of energy and that’s why you feel for another cup within a short time So as an energy source, coffee is actually not particularly efficient. And if you take your coffee with sugar, the calories do start to pile on if left unchecked.

An apple a day.
Provided by mother nature herself, apples are rich in a variety of vitamins and phytonutrients. They also contain antioxidants which are excellent for preventing many cancers. And few can argue about the natural fiber benefits of apples.

But how do apples stack up as an energy source?
The answer is simply answered when we understand that apples contain some of the best naturally occurring sugar complexes known to man. These are very powerful sources of energy and are nothing like the refined sugars we add to our food and beverages. They actually produce the exact same positive effects on the body as caffeine does. But they are released into your body at a slower more natural rate.

At the same time, they provide sustained energy during the course of the day.
So you won’t find yourself hitting that familiar energy slump like when you run out of caffeine and start craving another coffee.

And the freshest taste always wins
We’re not saying stop drinking coffee right now Coffee still offers tremendous benefits to your body and we all enjoy the boost it gives us when we are feeling lazy.

But apples are definitely the healthier option and very useful if you would like to try it as an alternative to processed sugars. Crunching down on an apple not only provides ample enjoyment, it stimulates your digestive system bringing additional benefits. They are also excellent for constipation and soothing stomach cramps.

You can still fire up your day with a cup of coffee, but you should seriously consider bringing apples into the game and reduce your daily consumption of coffee. It is the best natural alternative and it does keep the doctor away.