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Gallery of Former Apple Festival Queens
2014     2012
Saturday 13th Brand New Booths Monday 17th The Booths Are Erected
Sunday 14th Main Street Transformed Tuesday 18th Opening Night
Monday 15th Finishing Touches Wednesday 19th The First Parade
Tuesday 16th Opening Day Thursday 20th Waymore Outlaws
Wednesday 17th The First Parade Friday 21st Josh Gracin
Thursday 18th Ronnie Love an the Drifters Saturday Parade The Final Day
Friday 19th The Apple Bowl & Joe Diffie
Saturday 20th The Largest Lighted Parade in Ohio    
2011 2010
Saturday 17th The Booths Go Up
Sunday 18th The Booths Come to Life Sunday 19th The Booths Begin
Monday 19th A Downpour Tuesday 21st Gravity Cats
Tuesday 20th The Festival Opens Wednesday 22nd The First Parade
Wednesday 21st The Red Brush Band Thursday 23rd Out of the Red Brush
Thursday 22nd Caleb, Josh Wilson Perform Friday 24th Holly Miller and LoCash Cowboys
Friday 23rd In Memory, Robbie Bates 1945-2011 Saturday 25th The Last Day
Saturday 24th The Midway is Alive Saturday Parade The Largest Lighted Parade in Ohio
Saturday Parade The Largest Lighted Parade in Ohio
2008 2007
Sunday 14th Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day Saturday 15th Main Street is transformed
Monday 15th Finishing The Booths Sunday 16th The Booths Go Up
Tuesday 16th Lip Synch Monday 17th Finishing Touches
Wednesday 17th Wednesday Night Parade Tuesday 18th Lip Synch Takes Over the Main Stage
Thursday 18th Jonalee White & LoCash Cowboys Wednesday 19th The Parade, and the Guardians
Friday 19th Lady Antebellum Thursday 20th Lo Cash Cowboys
Saturday 20th Governor Strickland Visits Jackson Friday 21st Little Texas
Saturday Parade The Largest Lighted Parade in Ohio Saturday 22nd Governor Strickland, the Marines and the Queens
2006 2005
Saturday 16th The transformation of Main Street Saturday 17th Main Street is changed
Sunday 17th The Booths begin to take shape Sunday 18th Early work on the booths
Monday 18th No Images Available Monday 19th Final Preparations
Tuesday 19th Almost opening night Tuesday 20th The First Night
Wednesday 20th The Wednesday Night Parade Wednesday 21st The First Parade
Thursday 21st Erika Jo Returns Thursday 22nd Don Rose Classic Review
Friday 22nd Jenny Dyer and Little Big Town Friday 23rd ShhBang and Emerson Drive
Saturday 23rd

Rain Rain Go Away...

The largest lighted parade in Ohio

Saturday 24th The Final Day
Saturday Parade Jessica Lynch and Erika Jo
2004 2003
Saturday 18th In the dead of night Main Street is changed Saturday 13th Main Street is transformed
Sunday 19th Work begins on the booths Monday 15th The Booths are finished, and the Carnival set up
Monday 20th Moon Beams and Apple Dreams Tuesday 16th The Festival Opens
Tuesday 21st Queens and the JHS Band Wednesday 17th Rides, Food, and Fun
Wednesday  22nd The first parade Wednesday 18 Grand Marshal Alice Smith
Thursday  23rd Rockin the House Thursday 18th Joey Dee Returns
Friday  24th

The Kentucky Headhunters

Friday 19th Emerson Drive on the Main Stage
Saturday 20th Can it be the last day ?
2002 2001
Saturday 14th The Booths erected in a downpour Saturday 15th The Booths Go Up Again
Monday 16th Finishing Touches...and the Carnies arrive Sunday 16th Hard At It
Tuesday 17th The fun begins Monday 17th The Carnies Get To Work
Wednesday 18th The streets of Jackson are crowded with kids Tuesday 18th The Festival Opens
Wed Night Parade Dick Berry serves as the Grand Marshal Wednesday  19th  
Thursday 19th Joey Dee and the Starlighters Wednesday Parade  
Friday 20th Rain fails to dampen the spirits of Kentucky Headhunter fans Thursday 20th Contours Live Show
Saturday 21st The largest lighted parade in Ohio Friday 21st "Confederate Railroad" Performs
Saturday Parade Saturday Night Parade Saturday 22nd The OSU Marching Band
Saturday  16th Up go the booths,,,,,
Sunday 17th Empty booths no more
Monday 18th The carnies arrive ...
Tuesday 19th The festival opens,,,
Wednesday  20th The streets come alive  
Phil Dirt & The Dozers The first parade
Thursday 21st Rock and Soul the house
Friday 22nd Cledus T Judd
Saturday 23rd
Saturday Parade    
Sunday 24th Cleaning up the mess
Apple Festival Photo Galleries created by Eric Anderson for jacweb
Special thanks for all their courtesies in making these pages possible:
Apple Festival Committee - for a million favors from start to finish
Phyllis / Colonial Restaurant - valet parking
Gary Keller / Jackson Metropolitan Housing - Access to the roof of the Cambrian so I could be scared spitless taking photos from the top of Jackson County.
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