Jackson Apple Festival Parade Policy


- The Following is a list of Acceptable Parade Units and Items -

1. Bands 2. Floats 3. Queens 4. Color Guards 5. Drill Teams 6. Baton Corps.  7. Drum & bugle Corps.  8. Pom Pom Corps   9. Cheerleaders – marching or on floats ONLY   10. Unusual & Unique Parade Items (not seen on the street every day)


NOTE: Violations of any of the following RULES can result in immediate Ejection


A.      Horses, Mules, Ponies, Oxen, etc. permitted only with Board Approval

B.       A $100.00 entry fee will be charged per unit, per parade, in advance to ALL commercial vehicles (such as beverage trucks, semi-trucks, wreckers, commercial trucks, buses, politicians, and so forth). Payment is to accompany this entry form.

C.       All parade corps must perform in a forward motion, no pauses, stops or back steps

D.      All entries must be at the parade area (Broad St & Broadway), one hour prior to parade starting time. Wednesday & Saturday night parades start at 7:45 pm.

E.       Nothing is to be thrown, passed out, given away, or distributed by anyone riding in the parade or on a float.  All other request will be handled by getting Board approval and will be done on a case by case basis.

F.       No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the parade, parade line-up area, or in any vehicles. Violators will be arrested.

G.       All parade entries must be pre-registered. No walk-ons will be accepted. No flips, tumbling, or acrobatics permitted in the parade.

H.      All floats will carry an approved 5lb or more ABC fire extinguisher with easy access to the float driver

I.         Saturday night’s parade is entry-by-invitation only: Antique car and tractor & motorcycle clubs, hillbilly, car clubs, etc. are limited to NO more the (5) five units or vehicles in the Saturday night parade.  Area Baton corps must participate in the Apple Festival Baton Corp Show on Tuesday to advance to the Saturday night parade.

J.        No Live animals permitted on any floats or by anyone riding in the parade.

K.      Farm Tractors used to pull floats in the parade will not be an enclosed cab and will be restricted to minimum and maximum sizes and horsepower; also the number of walkers with a float will not exceed 4 and must be at the corners of the float.  The Float Chairman will advise.

L.       No sirens or air horns are to be blown in the parade. Riding in the back of pickup trucks is not permitted unless you have Board approval prior to parade time.  Any explicit language, banners, posters, or slogans can result in your immediate dismissal from the parade.

M.     The Jackson Area Festivals & Events and its Board reserves the right to accept or deny entry to anyone.

N.      Refer all questions and inquiries to: Jackson Area Festivals & Events, c/o Parade Chairman, P.O. Box 488, Jackson, OH 45640.

O.      All Entries are subject to being judged in the Parade, We also reserve the right to an inspection prior to parade acceptance. 

P.     All entries must meet all standards and final approval by parade committee.  


Apple Festival Float and Parade Entry Form

(By checking, you are requesting entry in the Saturday evening parade and will contacted by the parade committee)


__ Wed School Parade       __ Wed Night parade          __ Sat Night Parade


Name of Unit: __________________________________________

Description of Unit: ______________________________________

Overall Entry Length: ____________________________________

Contact Person: _________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________


All entries must be received no later than Tuesday. Sept 1st, 2015

Jackson Area Festivals & Events, c/o Parade Chairman, P.O. Box 488, Jackson, OH 45640

Any Questions Contact Chris O'Boyle At 740-710-2154