P. O. Box 488

       Jackson, OH 45640



________          YES, we would like to participate in the Apple Festival Parade(s) on (Select all that apply)

                        ________          Wednesday Night ONLY

                        ________          Saturday Night ONLY

                        ________          Both Wednesday and Saturday Nights

                        ________          I choose Competition Participation (Saturday Parade Only)

                        ________          I prefer Comments Only (Saturday Parade Only)

________          NO, we’re not interested in participating this year.


Name of School:            ____________________________________________       School Phone: ______________

Band Director:               ____________________________________________       Cell Phone:  _____________



E-Mail Address:      ___________________________________________________________________________


Assistants to the Directors:        ____________________________________________________________________

Band Name:                  ___________________________________________________________________________

School Colors:               ___________________________________________________________________________

Total Playing Members in the Band:        _____________________________

Flag Corps Total:           _________________________                Majorettes Total:            _____________________

Number of Busses:        _________________________                Number of Equipment Vehicles:  ______________

Additional Information (You may include a press packet)








            _________________________                _____________________________

(Band Director Signature)                                                 (Date)

PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO:  Ryan Jones    rjones@themiltonbank.com  FAX: 740-577-3647

     Or Mail to:  Jackson Apple Festival, Attn: Ryan Jones, P.O. Box 488, Jackson, OH. 45640