Tips to help you protect your identity (in a festival)

Do you plan on attending a music festival this summer? If so, make sure to read these tips for protecting your identity. Music festivals are great places for celebration and fun, but they can also be dangerous. This is especially true if you plan on drinking alcohol or taking drugs at the festival. You must take steps to protect yourself from physical and digital threats while at the event and after it’s over.  Some helpful things to do before going into the event include:

Keep your phone in a Ziplock bag or case to protect it from water and dirt.

Keep your phone safe from water and dirt by storing it in a Ziplock bag or case. The bags will keep the device dry, clean off any fingerprints, protect against scratches and dust particles that often come outside! Bring a disposable phone so that you can still stay in touch if your primary device is lost or stolen.

Also, bring along a camera for taking pictures. You wouldn’t want to give a stranger your phone to take your picture only to have them run away with your phone. Your mobile device contains lots of your personal details. Suppose a thief runs away with your phone, they might use your personal details to perpetrate a crime. Even if not immediately, your personal details in the wrong hands may be dangerous in the future.

Also, ensure you patronize only legitimate businesses and companies to avoid exposing your credit cards to companies that can be easily hacked through cyberattacks exposing their customers to identity theft.

Always carry an ID, cash, and some form of photo identification with you at all times (wallet, money clip). Never leave it at home because many people will take advantage of this vulnerability to steal your identity. 

Research where you are going before you go. You should also know how to get back if you are lost.

Know where you’re going before you go and the way in, just in case! Stay alert when at a festival because many people will be there who might want to steal your identity or rob you. When booking flights or traveling abroad:  Always check whether the company has been hacked before deciding which one to use, so they don’t get hacked again while under your care.

Take pictures of all your belongings so you can remember what you have with you.

Always take pictures before and after you leave off any belongings or valuables. It’s a good idea to do this with all your items, not just festival-related!  You may want to consider keeping an eye on your drink at the event as well. If someone comes up to you for food or alcohol, make sure that what they give you doesn’t have anything on it.

Write down the serial number on all your electronics for insurance purposes.

Keep a list of all the serial numbers on your electronics, especially if you’re traveling to a festival with expensive and fragile items. You will be able to see which ones are missing when returning home! Be sure not to leave anything important in plain sight or unattended because it may get stolen or lost.

Remove any sensitive information from social media sites before going into the event so that no one can steal this data while there. Make sure to erase your info, such as an address, birth date, credit card number, etc., from devices like laptops/computers, tablets, or phones before disposing of them for good.

Don’t use debit cards at ATMs – only use them inside the festival grounds.

After the event, shred any receipts or papers that have your name on them; if you are taking money from an ATM at a festival, make sure that it is inside and not outside. Be careful about what you put in your wallet because someone may steal anything from there. If possible, when going home after the event, do something like burn all of those documents with personal information. Or better yet, forgo any paper as much as possible!

Use cash instead of credit cards to avoid fraud charges or identity theft Cash is always a safe option!

Make sure to be on the lookout for anything that looks sketchy or may harm you. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to leave and go somewhere else. If someone comes up with bad intentions, you’ll know in advance and will have time to withdraw yourself from danger.

Some things that are helpful when traveling abroad: Create an emergency contact list of people who live overseas and another within your own country – Keep hard copies (paper) instead of photos because they don’t require an internet connection.

Stay safe and have a blast! If you follow our tips, we can help make sure your identity is protected. Leave the stress of worrying about your identity to us while you enjoy yourself at the festival.