5 Ways to Entertain Yourself and the Kids at the Jackson Apple Festival

Taking kids to the Jackson Apple Festival may seem daunting.


Attending a festival with the kids can be interesting and fun-filled for memorable experiences.

You may wonder if there’ll be enough kid-friendly activities to keep them engaged and entertained. Will they get tired easily? Does the camping area at the festival grounds have a quieter section for good sleep at night? You’re likely to ask yourself these questions and much more.

With proper planning, the Jackson Apple Festival offers amazing experience for kids and adults alike. They won’t just spend lots of time with the family, but also get a chance to dress up, play, and even make friends.

The excitement at the festival is only as good as the entertainment it offers. There’s need to have fun and make great memories with your kids. It’s important to find out in advance what’s on offer at the festival for your little ones.

Are there comedy shows for adults and kids’ shows? Is there a place you can escape to if the crowds become overwhelming? Does the festival offer family-friendly activities? You need the answers to these questions when planning to attend the event.

The Jackson Apple Festival hosts all kinds of activities and performances to entertain adults and kids of all ages, ranging from toddlers to teens. Anything from circus shows to hands-on activities and theater to special museum exhibits are bound to please the entire family.

Let your kids choose the different activities they’ll want to indulge in at the festival.  You can bring crayons, coloring books and word searches to keep the kids busy if the line-ups get busy due to high festival attendance.

As you plan to arrive early at the festival with the kids, consider the following activities to include in your plan or schedule of things to do:

5 Fun Activities to Engage Your Kids at the Jackson Festival

  • Watch the bubble man play his tricks

Look out for Louis Pearl, the bubbleologist that thrill kids at festivals worldwide. He’s been entertaining kids with his amazing bubble tricks for over a decade.

Pearl integrates magic, art and science in his show that lasts an hour to impress kids of all ages. When he gets on-stage, Pearl puts up spellbinding tricks with artistry and elements of comedy to engage kids from the beginning of the show to the end.

Your kids will love the surprises and wonder of the bubble man show.

Here’s a video of the bubble man in action


  • Kids’ dance shows or discos

The festival also hosts dance discos for kids. The environment is safe for all little munchkins. Parents can sit back and relax to a drink and music playing in the background. The kids can take on the dance floor with balloons and bubbles to add onto the fun.

You’ll keep an eye on your kids as they indulge in selfies, painting and interesting art and craft as they eat healthy snacks already included in the price of the festival ticket. If you’re bored of sitting in the chill-out zone, you can join in the fun, especially if your kids feel shy around other kids.

  • Book reading

Although the Jackson Apple isn’t a book festival, it offers book reading for book nerds in your family. The inspiring event motivates kids to love reading if they’re already struggling with the activity.

Whether your kids are teens or preschoolers, there’s something for kids of all ages, ranging from toddlers to teens. This activity includes storytelling, drawing and gives kids a chance to meet their favorite illustrators, authors or even literary stage heroes.

Your kids can also enjoy great food from the stalls at the festival or simply relax on the grass if they get tired of reading. The summer sunshine is always lively, atop nourishing your kids with vitamin D for bone strength.

  • Fun indoor or outdoor games

Your kids can also learn to play their favorite games at the festival. They won’t just learn new skills and socialize, but also exercise their young bodies for enhanced health.

For example, the festival sets aside a specific area for kids’ games. You may find ping pong tables setup to ensure that kids enjoy tons of fun at the festival.

If you’re lucky, you may even have different gaming table brands to choose. Stiga vs. joola ping pong tables allows your kids to choose between the two brands for unlimited play. Various tables are setup to enable many kids to play simultaneously.

  • Enjoy live music shows

Get your kids to enjoy some live music performances once they’ve had enough of exhibitions, hands-on play and other fun activities. With different music cultures and genres being showcased, your kids won’t have a reason to get bored.

The kids can sing along to their favorite artists when they perform for added fun. This is a great way to inspire their karaoke sessions back home. They’ll also get to relax from the hectic nature of other events at the festival.


The Jackson Apple Festival entertains both adults and kids with a range of fun activities and shows. With fun-filled activities ranging from music shows and circus performances to storytelling and theatrical performances, there’s so much to engage your kids at the event.

Other fun activities for kids include puppet shows, circus workshops, science shows, and music lessons, among other interactive kid-friendly activities.