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Ensuring Your Safety When You Attend the Jackson Apple Festival

There is a lot of fun at the Jackson Apple Festival. There will be all kinds of people from those who genuinely came to have fun, those who came to find partners, to the pickpockets.

If you plan to attend the festival this year and years to come, you need to ensure you are safe at all times. For starters, you need to ensure your valuables are safe, your personal identification documents are safe, your money is safe, and you are safe. Observe the following steps to ensure your safety:

Bring Your Buddies

Festivals are more fun when you are with people you know around. The buddy system works when you are in large numbers. When partying in large numbers, you always have emergency contacts with you and you will never be stranded at the festival.

By having your buddies with you, they will keep eyes on you and you will keep your eyes on them. This way, no one loses your belongings, their identity, or even their organs.

If you do not get someone to accompany you to the Jackson Apple Festival this year, make friends immediately you get to the fest. The buddy system works even if you just met people – your new friends will still protect you.

When you get yourself a few friends, you protect your belongings and prevent identity theft and such other cases. Identity thieves rely on getting your personal identification documents and your bank account details to start using your identity. By having people keep an eye on you, pickpockets will never access your PI documents or your phone.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs if you Haven’t Done Them Before

Alcohol, drugs, and music are common in festivals – almost like you can’t have one without the other. If you haven’t done alcohol and drugs before, the Jackson Apple Festival is not the place to start. If you really have to take alcohol, test your limits a few days before the festival. This way, you will know how much is enough so you never blackout in the streets.

When you are intoxicated, you are more vulnerable to pickpockets who might want to steal your identity or your valuables. Here, even the buddy system might fail when the whole clique is under the influence. 

Again, there might be undercover cops who are not there to have fun but to find people to arrest. You might end up in jail after having so much fun at the Jackson Apple Festival. Instead of being on the lookout for cops, it is better to avoid drugs altogether. However, if you happen to feel the weight of the pills, do not hesitate to visit the medical camp for help.

Stay Hydrated and Bring Meds

You need to recognize your body’s needs during the festival. Whether you are taking alcohol or just dancing to the music and munching on apples, you need to stay hydrated. There will be a lot of sweating at the fest, as is the case when people are crowded in one area. Always carry your water bottle to avoid heat-related health issues. If you take energy drinks, carry a few cans too.

Because you might be gone for a few days, ensure you carry any prescription pills you might have. Do not forget to carry the prescription or a doctor’s note lest the bouncers think you are dealing your pills for money.

Leave Your Valuables at Home

The Jackson Apple Festival is full of people who want to have fun but there are a few with ulterior motives. It is therefore safe for you to leave your valuables at home to avoid loss or theft. If you happen to bring your valuables, carry them in a fanny pack or ties the items to your body.

Because you are out there to have fun, the easiest way to do that is to ensure nothing limits that.  

Bring Cash and Avoid Identity Theft

You can avoid identity theft on nights you might be intoxicated by booking your hotel room early and paying before traveling. After that, you enjoy the benefits of not swiping your credit card everywhere you go. You never know when cybercriminals might be watching and you do not want to give them your credit card details on a platter.

When you feel intoxicated or you are in a crowded area, avoid swiping the credit card and instead pay cash – you never know who is watching.

Know Your Surroundings and Watch What Your Drink

Most times, staying safe at the music festival involves using common sense. Taking care of yourself and your belongings can be as simple as not giving out too much personal detail to strangers, not leaving your bags unattended, not leaving the fest with a stranger, and staying away from people who look suspicious.

The Jackson Apple Festival will be fun and chaos, and you can avoid being in trouble by keeping your eyes open for people and situations that might turn chaotic. Again, watch what you drink. Some people might slip drugs into your drink to take advantage of you. You can bring your drinks, drink straight from the bottle, cover your drink with your hands, and avoid buying drinks anywhere else but established booths.

In conclusion, you need to be vigilant.