The Jackson Apple Festival- A Must-Attend Event While in the US

The Jackson Apple Festival is one event that people in either the United States or the United Kingdom look forward to. It is such an exciting experience when you want to sharpen your culinary skills.

  • Don’t you want to have a difference in how you handle your food in the kitchen?
  • Are you looking for a place for a family outing?
  • Are you bored by your culinary skills and looking for a change?

If yes then look for the next schedules Apple Festival and mark it in your diary. Its social media platform is a clear proof of the love and popularity the event holds.

The registration process…

Just like the name, this is one event that you only need your smartphone and you are registered. You only need to email them to book a slot. It is that simple. Some of the activities while attending this event include

  • Pie contest with a prize
  • Entertainment
  • Cooking competitions
  • Judgment on your culinary skills

Since this is an activity that is renowned globally, there are some activities tailored to a specific location based on demand. Do you have some activities that you wish to participate in during the event?

The founders are open to opinion as long as your proposal has relevance in it, trust me it will be incorporated in their busy schedules.

Even the companies that you think have no importance in the event, to your surprise, they are part of it. That is how serious this event is.

Who should attend?

This is one event that is free to attend. Wait a minute; as much as it is free you need some “loose” money to purchase some of the unique stuff in the corporate tables. In case you are looking for a place where you want kitchen utensils you never see in the stores then this is the place to visit.

One of the long-term participants had this to say “The Apple Festival is the only place that you get to have a first-hand experience of some of the things that are yet to be launched. It’s like the first place where they get to test the market, and truly it has proven as the best marketing strategy”.

Anyone is eligible to attend. It’s not like the parental guidance TV shows where there is a restriction on the age that allows you to watch. Whether the young, the old, the invalids, the professionals, and the middle-income earners.

For active users, they do refer to it as an “equalizer event”. It brings both the rich and the poor on one platform.

The reasons why you should attend this event

You may wonder why all the fury about this event; it worth your time and money. Apart from just the entertainment part here are some of the reasons that it is branded a must-attend function.

  • Allows you to see the renowned celebrities free of charge
  • Gives you a break away from your normal schedule
  • Gives you the chance to showcase your culinary talent and even win the ultimate price $100
  • Provides the opportunity for socialization
  • Allows you to balance your lifestyle

When is the next event?

There is no definite date scheduled for the event due to logistical issues. You only need to visit their website from time to time to get the upcoming event within your location.

Surprisingly, you may be on vacation and coincidentally the event is scheduled at that time. What a good way to have an unplanned holiday plot.

Be a vivid follower of their social media platforms for updates and any other relevant information that you may need to be updated on what’s happening as far as the festival is concerned.

How should you attend?

Marketers admit that when you organize an event without any cost- not only cost but also with minimal restrictions- then it attracts a varied audience. What else do you need? Imagine organizing an event that no one attends. This is the market gap that the event enjoys. There is no dress code; as long as you have dressed modestly then you are free to walk in and out. Moreover, you can dress based on the climate.